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Big Wheels

Here's a new bike build for cowdog, a Titus Racer X 29er that I built up last night.  Wheels were built by Chad at Redbarn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT:  King hubs laced to Stan's Arch rims.  Running Maxxis Ardent tires tubeless.  Rock Shox Reba Team 29er fork has a 20mm through axle, something I appreciated on my 5spot.  The rest of the parts came from my 5spot.  I have more tweaking and geeking to do with this bike, but I am already very pleased.  I call this bike "big red."

I'm new to 29 inch wheel mountain bikes, but so far this bike feels great to me.  This is a stimulating project that should create lasting fun on the trails.

Racer X 29er

Lots of skiing lately

 Although I haven't posted much and, surprisingly, haven't taken many pictures, we have been rather busy on the skiing front.  The new Schlasman's lift at Bridger Bowl has provided lots of interesting new ski options.  We've been out tele skiing and testing out some latest greatest alpine touring gear.  One of these days I'll post some gear thoughts, but for now, the point is that we love skiing on any gear.

Here's Julie hiking to D-Route from the slick new Schlasman's Lift:Julie hiking

Christmas snow and skiing

 We've had a nice cycle of snow that both kept us busy shoveling in town and skiing in the mountains.  Here are a couple of pics from the days around Christmas this year.

Neighbor's car

Digging out the homestead

Riding the new Schlasman's lift

Suzi off Schlasman's (south side)

Julie off High T

Brian, 4th Finger

Merry Christmas!

 Cozy in cold and snowy Bozeman, we wish all our family and friends a Merry Christmas! 

Cozy dogs

Early morning - The Ramp

 Brian, Tim, and I pulled into the upper Bridger (early season) parking "lot" shortly after 6am.  We braved the modestly cold temps (single digit F) and let our headlamps lead the way.  Eventually we reached the Bridger Ridge on top of the ramp and enjoyed skiing in the early morning light.  The only hiccup was Charlie the dog who seemed to have developed a fear of steep slopes and decided to stop.  Brian had to badger him down.  Poor Charlie.  He had a rough go skiing Sunday on a truly difficult slope, but today's challenges were mostly in his head.

Overall a great way to start a day.

First light:
First light

Up we go:
Skinng up
Nearing the top

After 2 hours of skinning, we're on top:
On the ridge

Brian with Charlie before Charlie remembered his phobia:
Brian and Charlie

Tim taking advantage of the moment:

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