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Grassy Mountain with Scott and Jean

Julie is on the injured reserve list, so Scott, Jean, and I went to ride Grassy Mountain, part of the Bangtail Divide trail.  We rode early enough to miss the heat and had a blast.  Scott and Jean are visiting from Bellingham, Washington.  They are avid mountain bikers.



Mystic lake - Ouch

On this 4th of July we had nice ride up Mystic Lake with Julie, Derek, Erin, and a visiting couple from Portland. Julie took a spill and ended up with stitches and a sling. She'll be fine, but she's on RR for now. Fun ride, although we are starting to melt in the heat.

Julie riding

Julie down


Local morning ride

Julie and I squeezed in a short but fun local ride this morning.  Click the image below to see all the images from today's ride.  Once at the thumbnails in the image gallery you can click on a thumbnail image to start a slide show or click the text below a thumbnail to see idividual images.

Julie in the woods


Charlie's Face MTB

I've been on a streak hitting many of our local favorite rides for mountain biking. I headed up today for a quick solo ride on Charlie's Face. This ride starts with a long gradual climb up a gravel road and then a deceptively steep pasture. At treeline the climb follows a two-track until it branches off for a fantastic and very steep descent down into New World Gulch. From there, the ride comes out Bear Canyon and then back to the car. Click the image below to see the other images from today's ride. Once there click on a thumbnail image to view a slideshow.


Rider's view

History Rock

The History Rock trail is another great local Bozeman ride. Today Julie and I met up with Paola for a history lesson. Click the image below to see more images from today's ride.

Hyalite view

History Rock

Julie and Paola

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