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Saturday Mountain Bike Ride

Julie, Brian and I headed to Lewis and Clark Caverns for some riding. Early season Lewis and Clark is one of the go-to riding spots. We had lots of fun.



Brian on his hard tail


Brian on the flux


Julie enjoying fast single track


Easter Ride

A warm sunny Easter (that is also Julie's 43rd birthday) encouraged us for an early season ride.

Chocolate bunny. Yummy!

Chocolate bunny


No head

Winter bike commuting

The winter of 2006/07 has not blessed us with our typically abundant mountain snowfall, although snow is still a big part of our day to day lives. I commute to and from work everyday on my Schwinn Panter single speed bike with studded snow tires. The roads in our neighborhood typically have snow and ice coverage for much of the winter. The worst conditions come from ice ruts hidden by a little bit of fresh snow.

Bike commute

Solo ride Bangtail Divide

The Bangtail Divide Trail offers 23 miles of singletrack riding within 15 minutes of Bozeman. With around 2500 vertical feet of climbing and apparently over 70 switchbacks, the payoff includes beautiful mountain meadows, mature forests, and views of the Bridgers, Absorokas, and Crazies. And, of course, you get plenty of clearcuts and lots of other riders (including motorized dirt bikes) on this popular trail.

 Starting at the Brackett Creek Trailhead, I ended up at the Stone Creek Trailhead 3 hours later. I left my car at my friend Brian's house (2 miles from Stone Creek Trailhead), and he gave me a lift to Brackett Creek to start the ride. The trail itself isn't very technical, although some of the descents are very fast and there are many tight switchbacks to navigate.

Start here

Nice bike


A big meadow

Finish here

Riding Grassy Mountain

A favorite local moutain bike ride is Grassy Mountain in the Bangtails (part of the Bridger Range). There are many options for rides, and today we opted for 7 miles up and 7 miles back down starting at Brackett Creek Trailhead. Temperatures were in the 60s (F) with partly cloudy skis. Rain last night made for plenty of mud holes, although the trail was overall dry. We had a fun ride and then finished with sandwitches at Franks.

Julie up

Cowdog up 



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