Sping green in Bozeman

We picked up a new compact digital camera (Panasonic Lumix TMC-DZ3), so I decided to grab some shots from around town. A very wet May and early June brought us lots of green. Click the link below to go to see all the images.

Green Bozeman

Dogs with 5spot

A cold January 12th

I don't know what the "official" low temperature was last night, but at 8am our outside thermometer read -20F. Last night at 8pm, it read -12F. That's good and cold however you slice it.

Cold January 12, 2007

Hooray! Snow!!

Finally, we received some snow in quality and quantity -- 11 inches.  The forecast was for an inch or two, so this was a pleasant surprise.

After an hour of shoveling, Julie and I headed up to Bridger Bowl.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, I realized that my telemark ski bindings were missing some key parts.  My gear tweaking side bit me in the butt today.  Julie skied while I drove home to get said parts before coming back to Bridger.  An hour and a half later, I was finally skiing.  Although my ski day was shortened, it was still fun!

Beware the rocks and stumps and things under the snow.   No skiing pictures, but I do have a couple of pics from around the homestead.




Thanksgiving in Colorado

Julie and I took the dogs down to Colorado for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed a fun visit with shoping, skiing, socializing, and lots of eating.  My brother Chad recently moved into his new home (he designed it), and we enjoyed seeing their new "crib."  We skied one day at Loveland and remembered what legs feel like after banging some bumps.  
Chad home
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