April 23-24: cold and snow

After our first near 70 deg (F) day of spring, winter decided to show who was still boss. It snowed all day Sunday, while a cold east wind and blowing snow made for a cold Monday.


Heated water dish

Monday, snow, and work

Monday. April 17. The day began with wet snow that started as hard rain last night. More snow forecast the rest of today and tonight. Off to work we go. Julie took off in the truck (errands + work), and I did what I always do -- road the Schwinn Panther.

The weekend weather was delightful. We took the mountain bikes up in the Story Hills on Saturday and took the dogs for a long hike early and road our south of town loop on the road bikes Sunday.

Off to work

Supplies for a Thanksgiving feast


This morning we picked up a fresh Hutterite Turkey. For those who don't know about the Hutterites, they live in communal Colonies and are known for their excellent farm and livestock products that they sell. Last year, we had a group of Hutterite women pick the crabapples from our trees. They told us stories, sang songs, laughed and smiled, and worked very hard.

We are very happy to a Hutterite Montana grown turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner. It should fuel us for a busy weekend of skiing.

Here are a couple of pictures from Sept 2005 when the Hutterites picked crabapples in our trees:


Hutterites in treee\

At work

Thinking about a Turkey weekend

We've had some good snow, the bulk of our remodel will be finished within days, and we're both in need of some time away from work. Thanksgiving sounds like just the ticket. Initially, we had plans to go to Colorado for a wedding, but the wedding was postponed. In the meantime, however, we've been too busy with work and other projects to make effective plans. At this point we're looking at spending Thanksgiving Day with the just the two of us and don't have any plans to take advantage of a long weekend. Cooking a turkey seems like overkill, and four days seems too short for a driving trip. Yikes, it looks like Thanksgiving caught us off guard this year. But no need to fear! We are very fortunate to have a comfortable home, good friends, wonderful families, and live in a spectacular region. Our home feels even more cozy as we enjoy the fruits of our remodeling efforts. Maybe we should cook up a feast and spend the weekend in repeated cycles of eating, skiing, eating, playing, eating, ... New snow tires are planned for the truck this week, and just maybe that big old High pressure ridge won't be as strong and persistent as they forecast, giving those new tires a good Montana welcome. Hey, that's the spirit. Ok Turkey weekend, here we come! I think I'll go wax some skis...

More snow! Lots of snow!!

Today we awoke to vigorous snowfall. The sky, the ground, everything becomes shades of white and gray in these kinds of snow events. In a ski town like Bozeman, friends call friends just to discuss the snow before heading off to work. We love it. Winter is here, and snow sports can begin in earnest.

Tomorrow a group of us plans an early ski day at Bridger Bowl. Our plan is to leave Bozeman at 5:30am and finish skinning up at first daylight. If any of us were having a hard time thinking about getting out of bed tomorrow, this snow will help to overcome that minor issue.

 Julie cleans off snow


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