Telemark and backcountry skiing

Pinhead Classic at Bridger Bowl, March 18, 2006

The 25th Annual Pinhead Classic at Bridger Bowl is scheduled for March 18, 2006.

Nov 6 ski day at Bridger Bowl

We went skiing yesterday and then hosted a "get hyped for the ski season" party last night. We had so much fun yesterday that we headed up skiing to Bridger Bowl again. At Bridger, we were greeted with 1-2 inches of fresh snow. Brian and I (with Maddie, Jack, and Charlie) met Greg and Kristin up at Bridger Bowl. Kristin brought her dog Tyler. About 2/3 the way up, we caught up to Hugh and Mark and then skied the rest of the day with them. This time we went a little further up, to the top of the 3rd Finger above Pierre's Knob. Brian, Kristin, and I skied South Boundary, while Hugh and Mark skied the 3rd finger. The snow was heavier and, at times crusty. We hit some rocks, but generally the skiing was very fun. For even more pictures, here's a link to Greg's online photo album from the ski day. Gear note: I skied my new Voile Carbon surf skis for the second time. Although soft flexing, these are fun and light skis that perform very well for backcountry ski days. I am very happy with these skis so far.

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Brian and Kristin

Kristin and Tyler

Nov 5 ski day at Bridger Bowl

Cowdog, Julie, Brian, and dogs (Maddie, Jack, and Charlie) enjoyed a ski day at Bridger Bowl. We started off in the morning and skinned up to the top of Pierre's Knob. From there we enjoy great skiing. The recent snowfall came in we and heavy, giving a reasonable base for skiing. The dogs had a blast. In this wet snow, Jack gets these terrible snowballs that build up around his butt. We'll have to see if we can figure out something to help out poor Jack. Otherwise, Jack loves skiing as much as Maddie.

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Brian and dogs

Jack guards skis


Oct 5 - cowdog's first ski day of the season

Well, I blasted a quick solo trip (plus Maddie and Jack) up to Bridger Bowl. The recent fresh snow was melting quickly at lower elevations, and I hiked the entire climb to near the top of Pierre's Knob. The skiing was pretty much pathetic. I waddled down and, in places, made some turns in 8-10 inches of chunky, variable glop without a base. I skied on my waxless base Fischer Outtabounds, which was a good thing given that I hit the ground surface/rocks/vegetation with nearly every turn.

I planned to take pictures and even brought my camera. I lined up a picture at one point, only to find out I left the memory card in the card reader at home. No pictures from today's trip.

Jack loved his first ski day, altough I will have to work with him. He cut me off many times trying to herd me down. Maddies knows the drill and did super well.

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