Telemark and backcountry skiing

Snow Cycle

Plentiful snows the past week made for great skiing at Bridger Bowl.  On Friday Brian and I played in the deep, but I did not take any pictures.  Unfortunately, Brian lost a ski coming down Madmans off the Ridge.  We look for a good hour before Brian skied down on one ski.  Bummer.

On Saturday, Julie and I enjoyed nearly a foot of additional fresh snow.  We met Brian to look for his ski, only to find that avy debris had buried the spot where he lost the ski.  Later in the day, ski patrol called Brian and told him that someone had found his ski in North Bowl.  Our best guess is the avy cycle flushed the top layer of snow, and Brian's ski, down into North Bowl.  He's a lucky guy!

Here is Julie skiing the deep snow on the Nose.  Click the image to see more pictures from Saturday.

Julie in deep

First Ridge hike of the year

One of the more interesting aspects to skiing at Bridger Bowl is the Ridge. Put your skis on a pack or over your shoulder and, assuming you have an avalanche beacon, shovel, and partner, you are only a 20 minute steep boot pack hike from the Ridge. Once up top, you can go north or south and then ski an unlimited amount of steep and deep. Today was our first ridge hike of the year. Once on top Bridger feels nothing like a typical resort experience.

There are a couple of pictures from today (click the image below), even a couple of rare shots of cowdog skiing.

Julie on the ridge

Hitting the early season deep

I met up with Brian, Tim, and Sam for a delightful early morning ski at Bridger. The 30 inches of cold smoke had settled some, and the overly enthusiastic Bozeman ski community was out in force, but suffice it to say ... today did not suck.  Click on the image below to go to the gallery with lots of pictures from today!


Wind, cold, chunk, and sharp ski edges

Julie and I took the dogs and met up with Colleen and Steve and their two german shepherds. We skinned up the Apron and skied down in very cold windy conditions on chunky, funky snow. The delightful pow was mostly gone. On the way down Mad got too close and slice -- she took a substantive ski cut to the front left leg. I wrapped up the wound, and we finished skiing. A quick trip to the vet, resulted in a drugged out Mad with 7 (or more) staples. She'll be fine in a week or so, assuming we can keep her mellow enough not to rip them out in the meantime. Be careful out there and don't forget a first aid kit!

The patient

More snow, more skiing

Brian, Julie, and I enjoyed deliciously deep snow today.  Is there anything more to say?

Brian and Julie


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