Telemark and backcountry skiing

Quick ski to the Second Finger

I had one day of vacation left and decided to brave cold (hovering around 0 deg F) and a modest, wind distributed snowpack for a quick afternoon solo ski. I took out the PMGear BroModel skis mounted with Fritschi AT bindings and made sure my largest skiing day pack was filled with gear. I had Thanksgiving food to work off...

The skiing was very enjoyable, although I did hit enough rocks that I will stay busy with base repairs in the shop for the rest of the week.

Shadow cowdog

A finger

Skiing Beehive/Bear

With a modest snowpack right now, we decided to see what was up near Big Sky. Cowdog, Julie, and Hugh (corn dog) skied Beehive and Bear Basins, just north of Big Sky. Although the snow in Beehive was packed and sun worked, the sheltered snow on the Bear side was very nice with a fluffy covering over a firm base, a few rocks here and there notwithstanding. In truth, the skiing was better than we expected.

You can view more pictures from today's ski by going to the image gallery page here .

Julie powered

Hugh, Julie, and Mad near the top

On the ridge

Money shot


Ready, ski, ... ABORT

With an inch or two of fresh snow in town, we headed up to Bridger to stretch our legs. Unfortunately, October's base of snow failed to survive early November's pineapple express. Today's skiing featured a few inches of light snow over terra firma. We ended up hiking down everything interesting and played here and there where there was a token pile of snow with any kind of base.

Julie skinning grass or snow?

Brian assessing skiability

Take what you can get

Cold morning ski - Oct 31, 2006

On a cold (3 deg F) Halloween morning, 6 of us went skiing at Bridger Bowl (not yet open for the season): cowdog, brian, greg, phil, andrew, and jenny.

Skinning in first morning light

More skinning


Bridger Bowl closes for the season - April 11

Bridger Bowl closed for the season on April 11, 2006.  We spent our last lift-served day of the season at BB on Sunday, April 10.  There is still plenty of snow, but warming temperatures quickly turned the snow into glop and ominious afternoon wet slides.  North Bowl (picture to the left) was closed to skiing late morning.  Bridger lift closed at 12:30pm.  The skiing was still fun, and we will continue to ski (with skins) up at Bridger Bowl for many more weeks.


North Bowl


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