Oct 5 - cowdog's first ski day of the season

Well, I blasted a quick solo trip (plus Maddie and Jack) up to Bridger Bowl. The recent fresh snow was melting quickly at lower elevations, and I hiked the entire climb to near the top of Pierre's Knob. The skiing was pretty much pathetic. I waddled down and, in places, made some turns in 8-10 inches of chunky, variable glop without a base. I skied on my waxless base Fischer Outtabounds, which was a good thing given that I hit the ground surface/rocks/vegetation with nearly every turn.

I planned to take pictures and even brought my camera. I lined up a picture at one point, only to find out I left the memory card in the card reader at home. No pictures from today's trip.

Jack loved his first ski day, altough I will have to work with him. He cut me off many times trying to herd me down. Maddies knows the drill and did super well.