Bozeman LUNA Chix have some pictures taken

On a windy, cool evening on Peet's Hill, the Team LUNA Chix Bozeman gals met up with photographer Cameron Lawson for team pictures for the season.  Cameron had an awsome digital camera and portable lighting system setup.  The team fought off the cold, passersby, and armies of dogs while Cameron did his work.  It was fun, and they all looked great as usual.  I guess this means that the cycling season in Bozeman is ready to roll, for real.

What did I do?  Well, I had the important jobs of helping to carry equipment, holding one of the lights, tossing out questionable comments, and sneaking a couple of my own pictures.  And, of course, I always feel lucky to spend time with these hot Luna Chix ambassadors.  They work full time jobs and maintain busy lives, all while finding the time and energy to lead mtb and road rides, run cycling clinics and events, encourage other women to take up cycling, raise funds for women's causes like The Breast Cancer Fund, and more.  They are a inspiration and effective local advocates for cycling.

You can learn more about Team Luna Chix by visiting their Web site here.  There is both a pro mountain biking team and the Team LUNA Chix ambassador teams.  The Bozeman team was the 3rd ambassador team created.  Now there are at least 17 teams across the country.

Team Luna Chix Montana