Skiing with the dogs

Julie and I took the dogs out for a fun local ski. We headed up to Goose Creek and enjoyed great weather and some wind and sun worked but untracked snow. The views were delightful.

At one point I had to carry Mad up. Carrying 50lbs while skiing up a steep slope wasn't easy.  And, in case you've never tried to carry a blue heeler, just let me say they aren't exactly happy to be carried.  It is like holding a Tazmanian Devil.  But carrying is what was needed.  Her short legs, small paws, and chunky stature had her "high centered." Jack had to work, but his long legs and larger paws kept him moving forward. Funny, but on the way down, Mad is often faster than Jack, simply because she descends with wreckless abandon.  That stout little body and gravitiy combine to make quite a combination.

Here are Mad and Jack on the descent, smartly staying in the ski tracks. Click the image to see more pictures from today.