Haven't posted in some time

 The summer slipped away too quickly.  


Cycling - I sold my Turner 5spot to a buddy.  My one ride continues to be the Titus RX29er.

As fall approaches, our attention turns to skiing.  I am looking to embrace the new "funshapes" in skis and have a pair of ON3P Billy Goats on order.  186cm these skis have dimensions of 140-115-120.  They have a rockered tip and tail as well as a tapered tip and tail.  What does that mean?  Well, I think it means they will be a blast to ski!  The rocker and taper shorten the effective edge for skiing firmer snows.  These aren't for all-mountain firm conditions laps.  But those same characteristics should make this ski slice and dice through soft and cruddier snows.  I think the people at ON3P have a solid design approach and look forward to skiing these.

My work has been crazy.  In terms of projects, I still have plenty of interesting things to keep my busy. However, leadership changes, university politics, a backward looking state role, and the rather bizarre, narrow and disciplinary/departmental culture of academia has me frustrated to say the least.  But enough on that sore topic.  No sense letting work mania stomp on what is overall a great life!

Dogs are great.  Mad had acute pancreatitis this summer (it was awful), but fortunately made it through that and is doing great.  Jack is a border collie, and I think that's all I need to say there.  Those two little critters keep our days filled with entertainment.

Julie continues her rock star life.  Busy professional, cycling team, yoga instructor, super wife, ...  She's great! 

So at this point we all look forward to the transition from summer to winter.  

Wet and snowy June weekend

 We're mostly huddled in the homestead this weekend.  A cool wet system is bringing rain and occasional doses of snow.  Although jack doesn't seem to mind the weather, we think this is a weekend to work on inside projects.  The heat of summer will be here soon enough.

Jack doesn't mind the snow

Weekend riding

 On Saturday I rode with a group that included Chad from Redbarn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT and several Bozeman riders.  We headed up Middle Cottonwood, a short but steep, rocky, and technical trail on the west side of the Bridgers.  I took out a demo dw-link Turner Sultan thanks to Chad.   Click on one of the two images below to go to the gallery with more images from this ride.

Group takes a break

Turner Sultan

On Sunday I rode with Julie, Derek, Erin, and Tennille.  The hard working crews have rebuilt the Leverich Canyon trail with a new climbing section and a fantastic winding, banked descent.  We rode out and back from town.  Leverich is my new favorite local trail.  I will ride this frequently.  Click on the one of the images below to go to the gallery with more images from today.

Erin and Julie

New descent

Triple Tree trail out and back

 Julie and I rode an out and back to the Triple Tree trail.  Other than one hideous mud pit, the trail was in great condition.  The hills are coming alive with spring.  We rode today with Derek, starting at his and erin's sweet new home, about a mile south of our house.  We did a quick zip on the trails around Sundance Springs, put in a few road miles, and then up the lollypop trail.  Although a short trail, the final climb and initial descent are very steep.  Then back to town.

The trail is out there

Brackett/Grassy up and back

 We started at Brackett Creek Trailhead and headed up toward grassy until we hit enough snow to turn around.  This is a fun and flowing trail with lots of switchbacks and banked turns as the trail winds through the terrain and trees.


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