Skiing the Third Finger

I had hoped to ski Slushman's today, but I was tired so Brian and I went back to the Fingers and skied the 3rd.  I hadn't skied with Brian for awhile.  Jack and Mad were very happy to see their buddy Charlie.

The snow was much different than the day before.  Worked from skiers and strong winds, we had to look harder to find stashes.  The Third Finger was a nice choice, although our decision to ski out via South Bowl had crusty to rocky moments. 

The upper BB parking access (preseason use only) was jammed with people when we arrived at a little after 1pm, far different from our early morning start the day below.  Be careful driving up and down that road.  A dude in an Outback was cutting the corner and nearly ended up impaled by the 4Runner.


Brian and Charlie

Skiing with dogs

With some modest new snow and a weekend at our disposal, we again played up at Bridger Bowl (scheduled to open Dec 10th). Hugh, Jen, Paola, Steve, Colleen, Julie, cowdog and 5 dogs skinned, trampled, skied, and enjoyed the snow. We also eyed out tomorrow's ski destination...

Skinning up

Dog day


Quick ski to the Second Finger

I had one day of vacation left and decided to brave cold (hovering around 0 deg F) and a modest, wind distributed snowpack for a quick afternoon solo ski. I took out the PMGear BroModel skis mounted with Fritschi AT bindings and made sure my largest skiing day pack was filled with gear. I had Thanksgiving food to work off...

The skiing was very enjoyable, although I did hit enough rocks that I will stay busy with base repairs in the shop for the rest of the week.

Shadow cowdog

A finger

Thanksgiving in Colorado

Julie and I took the dogs down to Colorado for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed a fun visit with shoping, skiing, socializing, and lots of eating.  My brother Chad recently moved into his new home (he designed it), and we enjoyed seeing their new "crib."  We skied one day at Loveland and remembered what legs feel like after banging some bumps.  
Chad home

Skiing Beehive/Bear

With a modest snowpack right now, we decided to see what was up near Big Sky. Cowdog, Julie, and Hugh (corn dog) skied Beehive and Bear Basins, just north of Big Sky. Although the snow in Beehive was packed and sun worked, the sheltered snow on the Bear side was very nice with a fluffy covering over a firm base, a few rocks here and there notwithstanding. In truth, the skiing was better than we expected.

You can view more pictures from today's ski by going to the image gallery page here .

Julie powered

Hugh, Julie, and Mad near the top

On the ridge

Money shot


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