Bridger Bowl closes for the season - April 11

Bridger Bowl closed for the season on April 11, 2006.  We spent our last lift-served day of the season at BB on Sunday, April 10.  There is still plenty of snow, but warming temperatures quickly turned the snow into glop and ominious afternoon wet slides.  North Bowl (picture to the left) was closed to skiing late morning.  Bridger lift closed at 12:30pm.  The skiing was still fun, and we will continue to ski (with skins) up at Bridger Bowl for many more weeks.


North Bowl


First road ride of spring - March 31

I've felt the cycling itch for many weeks now.  Sure, I ride my bike year round, commuting to and from work, but my cycling passions go far beyond that.  

Town is mostly snow free now, robins are showing up, and the sparrow hoard that calls our yard home is busy building nests.  Over winter I keep my road bike on a cycling trainer, spinning in front of the TV or a magazine a couple of times per week.  Warmer temperatures and that cycling itch combined on March 31, however, to cause a change of pace.  I pulled the road bike off the trainer, gave the bike a quick tune in my shop, and took a spin south of town on a ride I call "around the block."  

The ride was delightful.  An overcast and windy day, I could feel the warmth of spring but also those pockets of cold air coming off of vast snow covered fields and slopes.  Feeling the wind fight my efforts as I turned the cranks reminded me that I was outside, free again, on my bike.  The roads have plenty of sand and gravel from winter driving but overall were in good condition.  I saw my first bluebird of the year and watched a northern harrier (aka marsh hawk) circle low over a snow free south facing slope.  My road bike, a simple steel frame Burley, felt fast and light.

We still have lots of skiing ahead of us, but cycling season is here in SW Montana.  In a few weeks we will ride in Yellowstone (roads plowed but still closed to cars), and the mountain bikes will find their way onto those snow free early season trails.  Dog walks become playful rides with the dogs, using the local university campus and in-town trails to practice mountain biking skills.  The shop is transforming from ski tuning to bicycle maintenance.  The magazines on the coffee table are losing the skiing flavor and now tell me what cycling gear to buy and how to get fit in X days.  And I find myself reading online cycling forums (e.g., and stopping by all the bike shops to see the new products and talk with the bike geeks.  Ah, I love spring!

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Haven't updated for awhile

Rest assured that we've been busy skiing, playing, working, and whatnot. Unfortunately, I slipped into a procrastination period with updating the blog. I just finished updating the this website and some of the image gallery features did not initially survive. I will continue to spend some time updating the site over the next week. As that happens, I will post more pictures and blog entries.

Ps. For the record, Bridger Bowl just received about 3 feet of snow in a very short period of time. I can live with that...

Winter skiing - the weekend with subzero temps

I managed to squeeze in some skiing on Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and Saturday. On Thursday and Friday I skied with Brian. Thursday was a big day skiing D-Route off the Ridge at Bridger Bowl. The ski bug bit Brian hard, and on Thursday night he bought some new Volkl Mantra skis. Of course those skis needed to see snow ASAP, so we snuck out again for 2 runs (yep 2 total runs) on Friday. It turns out that it takes us under one hour from leaving my house to the top of Bridger lift. By Saturday, extreme cold gripped the area, and we skied in sub-zero temperatures. Brrr. We met up with Mike from Helena and Jeff from Bozeman, skiers I met online at Here are some pictures from Thursday. Here are some pictures from Saturday.


Brian in Job 1

Brian and Jeff


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