Bozeman Creek Trail

 Riding with the dogs on the most popular local trail.  Doesn't take long to hit snow, however.


Morning Walk

 We're in a snowy wet spring cycle.  Although only a trivial little around the block walk, an overcast snowy spring day does have a cozy feel.  Without further ado, here's my morning walk with the dogs.


Fine, we'll go skiing

 Although I'm in a biking mood, the snow keeps coming and that means ... skiing.  We enjoyed a sunny day on the snow with a large group of people and dogs.  Today was one of those feel good have fun days.


When you need a dry trail

 Even after a serious spring snowstorm, Lewis & Clark comes through with dry trails for early season riding.  Today we hit the trails with friends Steve and Colleen.

Lewis & Clark Caverns

Easter ride

Lews & Clark Caverns riding with Julie, Derek, and Erin.  Nice to see Derek out on my old Flux.  That's such a great bike!


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