Fruita -- April 2008

Julie and I escaped Montana's long winter and headed south to visit a good friend and ride some of Fruita's legendary mountain bike trails.  We overlapped with the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, although once on the trails we didn't notice the extra trail traffic. 

John has a great Fruita property with a straw bail house he built and a small but delightful shack (the "love shack") for guests.  He is in the process of building a second straw bail home on the property.  We love John and his 2 super kids, Ian and Emma, and always have a great time visiting them.

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cowdog in Fruita

Back when

Pop just forwarded me this picture. Here's what he had to say about it:

This pic is of my dad. I had to guess at the time period. Grandpa Fred was living on the farm. The windmill is just behind Dad's car. The farmhouse behind and to the right. At the end of the sidewalk coming directly out from the house, you can see a storage building (front of his car). I had forgotten that my grandpa had that building and I can now remember poking through it as a child. It was torn down when I was 4 or 5 years old. Can't really remember just what was kept inside. Later when I was older and working for the county, I had a concrete truck that had some left over. They stopped and we poured the sidewalk through the area where that building stood. Odd how memories can be stirred up from a picture.


Skiing with the dogs

Julie and I took the dogs out for a fun local ski. We headed up to Goose Creek and enjoyed great weather and some wind and sun worked but untracked snow. The views were delightful.

At one point I had to carry Mad up. Carrying 50lbs while skiing up a steep slope wasn't easy.  And, in case you've never tried to carry a blue heeler, just let me say they aren't exactly happy to be carried.  It is like holding a Tazmanian Devil.  But carrying is what was needed.  Her short legs, small paws, and chunky stature had her "high centered." Jack had to work, but his long legs and larger paws kept him moving forward. Funny, but on the way down, Mad is often faster than Jack, simply because she descends with wreckless abandon.  That stout little body and gravitiy combine to make quite a combination.

Here are Mad and Jack on the descent, smartly staying in the ski tracks. Click the image to see more pictures from today.


Snow Cycle

Plentiful snows the past week made for great skiing at Bridger Bowl.  On Friday Brian and I played in the deep, but I did not take any pictures.  Unfortunately, Brian lost a ski coming down Madmans off the Ridge.  We look for a good hour before Brian skied down on one ski.  Bummer.

On Saturday, Julie and I enjoyed nearly a foot of additional fresh snow.  We met Brian to look for his ski, only to find that avy debris had buried the spot where he lost the ski.  Later in the day, ski patrol called Brian and told him that someone had found his ski in North Bowl.  Our best guess is the avy cycle flushed the top layer of snow, and Brian's ski, down into North Bowl.  He's a lucky guy!

Here is Julie skiing the deep snow on the Nose.  Click the image to see more pictures from Saturday.

Julie in deep

A season's greeting

We enjoy keeping up with this little blog. We hope you enjoy it as well. 2007 has been a good year for us (cowdog, julie, maddie, and jack). The biking season was delightful, and so far this ski season is looking great. We thrive on living and playing in Bozeman, Montana and cherish our neighbors and friends. Julie and I have wonderful families, although we wish everyone lived closer so we could see them more regularly. Back in May, Julie and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. That seems impossible, but time does go by so very quickly. Every day we fell blessed.

We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas and happy new year. 2008 should be another interesting year. One goal for 2008 is to incorporate video into this site, but there are still a few days left in 2007. Time to go tune some skis...

cowdog family

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