First snow and first ski day of season

Although the snowline has been working down the mountains for weeks now, we had the first snow of the season in-town today.  Snow fell for most of the day and accumulated several inches.  It was very refreshing.

When it looks like this in-town ...

First snow of season

We go do this in the mountains ...

First ski day

Meet Anna

We just heard from Susan and Bruce in China. They have Anna, their newly adopted daughter. We are so happy for them! Anna looks beautiful with her new mom and dad. We'll post more pictures as they arrive.

Susan, Anna, and Bruce

Xinyu, China (google earth image)

Bangtail Divide Trail - 25 miles

On Sunday, Brian and I rode the Bangtail Divide Trail, from Brian's house 2.5 miles to Stone Creek to Bracket Creek (shuttle car waiting). This is a great ride with over 22 miles of singletrack, lots of climbing, and fast descents.

Google Earth Map

Ride profile

Meeting people online

After meeting on an online mountain biking forum ( ) I met up with some local riders to ride middle Cottonwood, one the more technical trails around. Ben and Tim are fun, hard charging riders -- far more than I.  I hope to ride with them again. Only one picture came out, one that Tim took of me.


I love my Turner 5.5 spot

I've had this new Turner 5.5 spot long enough that I can say with certainty that I love this bike.  We rode our standard go-to ride today with the dogs, and Julie took a few pictures of me riding my all-time favorite bike.

cowdog and 5.5 spot

5spot and dogs

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